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In the world today there are a huge multitude of not-for-profit entities around, from the football club down the road, to huge mega-charities like Oxfam and World Vision. Sometimes the bombardment of charitable causes can be exhausting and often, because of this, we end up just giving to the bloke that calls us up over the phone asking for money for the Royal Life Saving Society (once upon a time, that was me).

Once I started working in a full time job, I was committed to donating a proportion of my income to charity as per the recommendations of Peter Singer. For me, finding causes where I would be confident that they wouldn’t be wasting my money was a huge task. So initially, I used the website, which tries to solve this problem.

When Seed Change was started however, I saw that there was a genuine opportunity to change the livelihoods of some of the poorest people in the world. Being able to see and discuss the model being developed for their programs also gave me the confidence that if the idea is developed fully the overall impact would be huge relative to the cost. And, after being tangentially involved with the project ever since, I am happy to say that I still believe that Seed Change is possibly the best “bang for your buck” charity if you are looking to improve the general well-being of people in the world.

I won’t harp on about effective altruism and all the rest of it, because it has all been written before (some links and books are given below if you’re interested). However, I would highly suggest that anyone reading this, who would otherwise be donating to a multitude of other worthy causes, consider Seed Change as an efficient method of alleviating poverty in the developing world. In addition, spreading the word to friends that are worried about the impact of their giving definitely can’t be a bad thing.


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