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On the 27th of July Seed Change was honoured to have the National Uhuru Torch visit our nursery. In Kiswahili ‘Uhuru’ means ‘Freedom’ and the national motto of Tanzania is Uhuru na Umoja – ‘Freedom and Unity’. The Torch race was started by Tanzania’s first President ‘Mwalimu’ Julius Nyerere. It travels around the country visiting each of Tanzania’s 25 regions once annually. It stops at places of national or regional interest and draws attention to projects that have a specific community benefit. This year we were Kigoma’s representative. This was obviously a great honour for us and brought a lot of attention and kudos. It was of course particularly heartening for our Tanzanian staff to be the centre of all the attention and they were bursting with pride to have all their hard work recognised in such a manner.

Here is a short video of some of the visit and celebrations that one of our young seed nursery attendants took on his phone.

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