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Mobile Money

One of the big financial innovations in East Africa over the past ten years is mobile money. We’ve briefly mentioned mobile money in previous blog post on banking, which discussed how mobile money is filling the gap left by having the majority of the population not in the formal banking system (and I doubt that

The Seed Change Connection

The internet. The repository of all knowledge. One internet connection and all the information in the world could be yours. The information is available so go and get it; things which were genuinely impossible less than 10 years ago have become very much possible now. Take the 15-year-old kid from Mongolia who got a perfect

Accounts for all? Don’t bank on it

For those of us in the West, I think that most people would agree that personal banking is something that we take for granted. No longer do we have to hide our money underneath the mattress (though with negative interest rates in some places this is can be a better option than a bank!). Carrying