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In February 2015 we delivered our first trees to smallholders in Kigoma. A momentous occasion not just for us and the farmers but also the Kigoma region and, yes we’ll say it, Tanzania. This was the first time the highest quality oil palm trees in the world have made it to Kigoma and Tanzania. Jackson, our new community development officer, has been keeping an eye on these trees and making sure farmers are implementing the best management techniques that they learnt in our farmer extension program.

Posiano Haiki of Nyamhoza village (pictured) was one of the first and keenest farmers to sign up with Seed Change in the middle of 2014. He shared with us some of his thoughts and reflections a couple months after receiving his trees.


Posiano Haiki adding mulch to a young tree

Posiano Haiki adding mulch to a young tree

“When Seed Change arrived in Nyamhoza village I joined and now I am happy with the palm oil trees supported by Seed Change. Other people around me were just watching what would happen and assuming I was just losing time. Now their demand for trees has become a big challenge to me.

Young tree on Posiano's farm

I received improved palm oil trees this year in February. I planted the number received timely and all are doing very fine, I am sure in three years to come we will be different as far as life standard are concern, from improved palm oil produce. My family really thanks Seed Change for their support. I join hands to all who are wishing the best to Seed Change efforts and work that are doing in the project villages.

I have been receiving the technical support from Seed Change since the first day of palm oil arrival and I have improved my farming approach as now I visit my farm regularly. I care more about my farm than any time before, because I have realized how important it is for overcoming poverty through income will be generating in near future from palm oil.”

After months of hard work in the nursery it was great to see Posiano so happy with his trees and encouraged to work hard for his family’s future. If you want to support Posiano and the hundreds like him in Kigoma maybe get over to our Donation page and help us grow more trees for more farmers.

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