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Our vision is for farmers in the Kigoma region to fully realise the economic benefits of cultivating a high value crop such as oil palm trees. By harnessing their strengths and assets – their land, their local expertise, and their desire for a better future – farmers can lift themselves and their families out of poverty for good.

Smallholder farmers face numerous challenges to escape poverty; however they are not helpless. Tanzania has one of the fastest growing economies in the world – GDP growth has averaged over 6.5% across the last five years. While this growth has undeniably been great for some, unfortunately few of the gains have trickled down to rural smallholder farmers – particularly in remote regions, such as Kigoma. We wish to see smallholders integrated into the wider, expanding economy. By linking farmers into longer, deeper, and more lucrative agricultural value-chains, the benefits and financial returns brought by the growth of the Tanzanian economy will be experienced by those currently missing out.

Our Values

In everything we do, it’s all about the farmer. Full stop. Period. End of story. They are the reason we exist and why we get out of bed in the morning. Without them… well, there is no without them.

Transparency and Honesty. We will always be open and honest about our work and it’s results. We will share successes and failures alike, be honest about what worked, and admit mistakes when things didn’t. A lesson not shared is a lesson that has to be learnt the hard way twice.

Humility. We work hard and are proud of what we do but we know that it is the farmers who are the true agents of change in their lives. We help them, but it is they who deserve the credit for lifting their families out of poverty.

Constant Improvement. We know we’re not perfect and that we don’t know everything. But we strive to constantly improve and actively continue to learn.

Commitment and Hard Work. We meet farmers on their own turf. If you can drive the last mile, it’s not the last mile. Get out there and get some Tanzanian mud on your boots!

Equality. All farmers are equal. We work with all willing farmers regardless of gender, religion, education, tribe or proximity to the main road.

Action is Character. Pretty words are nice but actions speak the loudest of all. We say what we mean and do what we say.