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As the impact of Seed Change grows so does our workforce.

IMG_20150515_163447661In January this year Said Ruba (pictured right) joined our team as our new Seed Nursery Manager. Managing 30,000 seedlings is a big job. But luckily Said is up to the task. A Kigoma local and oil palm farmer himself he also has over three decades of nursery and horticultural experience. He has previously worked for the Jane Goodall Institute on their TACARE project as well as with Action Aid International. Immediately previous to joining Seed Change, Said was the chairman of the Kigoma Horticultural Association. We are lucky to have him and we know the precious seedlings are in safe hands!

High-yielding life-changing trees are great, but they are only one side of the story. The other side is the farmers, villages, and communities we work with. 30,000 trees means a lot of farmers (which is, of course, great) but many farmers also means much organising, training, talking, listening, answering, and planning. Enter Jackson Rumavumwabo (pictured left). In April Jackson joined Seed Change as our first ever Community Development Officer. Having previously worked with a Swedish agro-forestry initiative in Mwanza as well as Caritas-Concern in Kigoma, Jackson is a great fit for our organization. As a Community Development Officer Jackson is a dedicated resource for farmers to talk to, discuss with, and learn from. He helps farmers organize themselves into effectively run farmer groups and co-ops. Jackson facilitates regular monthly group meetings and makes sure all farmers are implementing the things they have learned in Seed Change’s Farmer Extension program. Luckily he is a pretty hard worker because 30,000 trees means ~400 farmers, that’s a lot of communities to develop.

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