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Remco got to know Seed Change while working in Kigoma Region on a beekeeping project in 2014. He was so interested in our work that he decided to come back to Kigoma after a break in Belgium, and support Seed Change.

Andy joined Seed Change off the back of spending 3 months working with NGOs in South India. He completed a Masters in Development Economics in September 2015 in London and was keen to gain some practical development skills.

What a three months it has been! We both made the long journey to Kigoma because we believe in the work Seed Change is doing and now, having been here and seen it for ourselves, we can only conclude that we will return to Belgium and the UK with an even greater understanding of the need for Seed Change’s work. Our time here has allowed us to experience first hand not only how important it is for local farmers to raise their income, but also how much knowledge they already have and how keen most people are to deepen and broaden that knowledge to their own benefit. What’s more, we have seen how dedicated the Seed Change team is and how hard they work to support local farmers in Kigoma, and, obviously, we have enjoyed the hustle and bustle of life in Kigoma and the beauty of Lake Tanganyika, the Kigoma region, and its palm trees. But most of all, we will leave with a greater appreciation of the value of development work when it truly engages with the local community and strives to find local solutions to local problems. We arrived in January this year, just in time to plant the newly arrived seeds:

And now the seeds look like this:

This week, the interns seedlings are ready to leave the greenhouse and face the world. The temptation for a cheesy metaphor here is almost irresistible, but what we really want to say to Seed Change, to Kigoma and, most importantly, to the farmers is simply, ‘asante sana’. Asante sana for everything you have taught us!

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