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Zamda Gilagiza
$84 Investment Completed
  • $84 Investment Completed

Name: Zamda Gilagiza
Village: Kizenga
Age: 34
Children: 3
Farm Size: 2.5 acres

Zamda is committed to improving her family’s life. She has saved $55 – over 20% of her annual income – to invest in her farm. She needs another $84 to make this investment. Help complete her investment today and make sure Zamda can take the first steps out of poverty.

“I want to use the money from my trees to make a better life for my five-month old baby.”


“Seed Change is the key to progress. Things will change.” Zamda Gilagiza, a farmer from Kizenga village, sits on the ground with her five-month-old baby and voices her thoughts on Seed Change. “The seeds and training from Seed Change will help us so that we don’t have to worry about food anymore.” Zamda works from dawn till dusk to support a household of thirteen people. “We are bankrupt,” she says, “We work hard every day and I wonder and wonder why we still have nothing. There is a problem.”

She recalls learning about the Seed Change program, “We felt like we had an answer to our questions. We are expecting a lot from Seed Change.” While the increase in income will help her family work towards food security, Zamda also hopes to use a portion of the funds to pursue other income generating activities. “I want to be a boss as a shopkeeper,” she says,”and I want to learn.” Although she was unable to attend school herself as a child, Zamda thinks education is very important. Zamda believes that for her own children “it will be different, things will change.”