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Vumilia Boazi
Investing $55, needs $84
  • Investing $55, needs $84

Name: Vumilia Boazi
Village: Kizenga
Age: 43
Children: 7
Farm Size: 5 acres

Vumilia is committed to improving her family’s life. She has saved $55 – over 20% of his annual income – to invest in her farm. She needs another $84 to make this investment. Help complete her investment today and make sure Vumilia can take the first steps out of poverty.

“I want to provide for my children – to give them good healthcare and feed them good meals.”

As a smallholder farmer in Tanzania, Vumilia works hard to keep her children fed. As a woman she must work even harder. Vumilia’s husband left many years ago and she has not seen him since. Through the help of women in her village and a lot of convincing, Vumilia gathered together a loan of $120 to purchase land so she could provide for her family. Vumilia is one of 10 children and although she has seven brothers and two sisters – none of them have come to her aid. She farms her land alone or with the help of her children which is arduous, demanding work.

Vumilia’s wants to make a good life for her children. Her Seed Change trees are helping to make this a reality. She is very focused on her goal and plans to use her increased income to do more business so she can multiply the returns she receives from her trees. She hopes to put her past struggles of insufficient food for her family and inability to afford healthcare behind her for good and will carve out a new future through selling palm oil.