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Karade William
Investing $158, needs $237
  • Investing $158, needs $237

Name: Karade William
Village: Nkungwe
Age: 41
Children: 6
Farm Size: 2.5 acres

Karade is committed to improving his family’s life. He has saved $158 to invest in his farm. He needs another $237 to make this investment. Help complete his investment today and make sure Karade can take the first steps out of poverty.

“I will use the money from my trees to expand turn my small farm into a business. With extra money I will be able to buy fertiliser and irrigate my farm.”

Karade has many hopes for his children. He believes they should go to school and get good health care, however Karade faces many hurdles to attain these simple necessities for his children. He has a low income, his village does not have health facilities, and he lacks transport of any kind. On his small farm he is unable to access and acquire agricultural inputs and irrigation facilities which traps Karade and his family in a cycle of subsistence farming.

Karade believes that agriculture is the backbone of the whole family and that “with no agricultural, there is no life.” Karade’s new trees will generate an income increase of $2,500 per year for his family, eight-times more than his previous income. We hope that this will help Karade support his children and free him from the cycle of subsistence farming.