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Hamisi Salum
$123 Investment Completed
  • $123 Investment Completed

Name: Hamisi Salum
Village: Mahembe
Age: 50
Children: 8
Farm Size: 3 acres

Hamisi is committed to improving his family’s life. He has saved $82 – over 30% of his annual income – to invest in his farm. He needs another $123 to make this investment. Help complete his investment today and make sure Hamisi can take the first steps out of poverty.

“With extra income, I will improve the structure of my house, buy enough food for my family every day, and send all of my nine children to school.”

Hamisi Salum and his wife have nine children, which is a lot of people to support when your only asset is one hectare of land. “We are eating to survive – not to live.” Hamisi was also been appointed as one of the leaders of his farmer training group. “I am the link between Seed Change and the farmers. I share information from Seed Change to the other farmers and from the farmers to Seed Change.”

Hamisi explains how this has brought about “a very big change” and now not only do farmers and village leaders come to talk to him “even my wife has come to count on me as a problem solver.” With his extra income Hamisi hopes to improve the structure of his home, to have enough food for his family every day, and to afford to send all of his nine children to school.