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We mostly try and to keep this blog light and (hopefully) interesting. While life in Tanzania, and our work, is almost always interesting, it is often not light. In fact, it is often awfully depressing. And for those of us who were lucky to be brought up in the west, and hence largely insulated from

Employee or Beneficiary?

How do you judge the success of an NGO? Well there are many types of NGOs/development programs and many ways to judge them (something I wrote about here at greater length). But for a livelihood/income enhancing organisation such as ourselves (and many, many others), try this rule of thumb on for size. Would a randomly selected

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

How do you know if your chosen fabulous looking charity is providing good value for your money? Charities frequently report percentages of money spent on “Programs”, “Administration” and “Fundraising” or some similar ensemble. While I understand the motivation for this approach, I think it is the wrong way to go about finding out if your

The Seed Change Connection

The internet. The repository of all knowledge. One internet connection and all the information in the world could be yours. The information is available so go and get it; things which were genuinely impossible less than 10 years ago have become very much possible now. Take the 15-year-old kid from Mongolia who got a perfect

Seed Nursery Seminar

What’s better than one oil palm nursery growing 60,000 high yielding seedlings for the smallholders of Kigoma? How about five oil palm nurseries growing 60,000 high yielding seedlings for the smallholders of Kigoma? Did someone say ten nurseries?! Well, maybe not yet, but we’ve recently made the first few steps in that direction. With the support of our

That would be an ecumenical matter…

Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of a rather spiritual visit to the nursery. The leaders of several churches and mosques in Kigoma came to have a look at what we were doing and how their various congregations could get involved. Representatives from the Catholic, Lutheran, and Moravian churches were present, as well has three

Get to Know Kigoma

If you are reading this, you are probably aware that Seed Change works in Tanzania. You may also know that we work in the Kigoma region of Tanzania. But you probably don’t know too much about Kigoma itself. Maybe just something about palm trees growing nicely here. Or if you are chimpanzee fan you may know that

Names Out Of A Hat

24,000 trees. That’s how many we have in our nursery to give out to farmers. Sounds like a lot. And it is when you have to shovel the 400 tons of soil needed to grow the seeds. But it is not really many trees when you start thinking about which farmers – exactly – they